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Types of Panties

by khawar latif 10 Nov 2021

If you are a woman, then you might know that there are many types of panties in the market. However, every design has different guidelines on when to wear them and how to wear them. Wearing the right panties for the right occasion is vital as it gives you self-confidence and a sense of control. And that is why we are here to guide you!

In this article, we will discuss different types of panties. Moreover, we will talk about the most suitable occasion to wear them. In the end, we will acknowledge you with an online platform that sells the best panties in town. 

4 Types of panties 

So, let us look at different types of panties and when to wear them. Our team has gathered to provide you with this information after a comprehensive search. We can swear by this! 

Casual panties

Casual panties are the most common type of panties. They come in cotton jersey material for breathability and elasticity. You can wear casual panties with almost everything. Moreover, You can wear it under jeans, shalwar kameez, and your uniform. It is the best panties to spend your whole day in. Furthermore, it gives full coverage from behind and the sides. However, it is not suitable with a dress that shows panty lines from the sides, such as a silk shirt and trousers or a figure-hugging dress. 


Just as the name suggests, boyshorts are inspired by boys’ shorts or boxers. Although it is not very popular, it is known as the most comfortable panties. You can wear these boyshorts while lounging in your home or even wearing them as a night suit. These inner wears go well under jeans or pants. However, it is not suggested to wear boyshorts under tight body dresses or even shalwar kameez.


Although there is less variety available in Pakistan, thongs are easily accessible most of the time. Moreover, there is nothing taboo about thongs; in fact, some dresses look the best if you are wearing a thong. For instance, if you wear a silky shalwar kameez dress or a tight body-hugging suit, thongs will suit them the best. Why? Because they don’t have fabric on the sides, unlike other panties whose panty bumps are visible.  


Hipster panties are one of the comfiest panties. They have full coverage from the back and sides and are low-waisted. Therefore, they are suitable for pants. Jeans and low-waisted jeans specifically. You can find these panties easily from several online stores and physical outlets. 

Why Is It Important To Wear the Appropriate panties

By now, you must be wondering why is it so important to wear suitable panties? No one is going to see it anyway. 

The truth is your overall look depends on the panties. If you are wearing the wrong size or the wrong style, it can ruin your look. For example, you are wearing hipsters with a pencil skirt. The bumps on the sides due to hipster panties can destroy your look. At the same time, a thong would give the best look. To have complete confidence throughout the day, you need to look and feel comfortable in your attire.

12am- The All In One Place is an online shop that is famous for quality nightwear for women and children. The team has now joined hands to produce its panties collections. You can find all your suitable panties types here. However, we are starting from basic cotton jersey panties, and we’ll then move on to other types. is famous for delivering comfort and style to your doorstep. So, visit our website for a fantastic collection.  

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