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Importance of Sleep for your Little Ones

by khawar latif 08 May 2021

Sleep is one of the most important factors that affect the growth of a child. This growth is not only physical but mental as well. According to the research, a newborn 0-3 months is supposed to sleep for fourteen to seventeen hours. An infant of 4-12 months should sleep for twelve to sixteen hours including the naps. A toddler of 1-2 years should sleep for eleven to fourteen hours including the naps. A preschooler of 3-5 years should sleep for ten to thirteen hours. Respectively, a school going child sleeps for nine to twelve-hour. 

In this article, we will learn the importance of sleep for your child. Moreover, we will discuss how you can set up their sleeping routine.

Importance of Sleep 

What will happen if your child is not getting enough sleep? It will negatively affect their learning abilities, attention span, growth, mental health, and even behaviour. So, sleep is really important for your child.

You must have noticed that when your child doesn’t get enough sleep, they get cranky. They might also throw tantrums on usual things, even if you are giving them what they want. Whereas, if they are up from a good sleep they play and automatically have a better mood. 

According to the research, a child grows while sleeping. The human body needs sleep to heal the body and improve health. It is the same for children and grownups. So, know that when your child is sleeping, they are growing an inch! 

For school going kids, sleep is equally important. You must have experienced it yourself. As a child when you went to bed late at night, the next day at school is a nightmare. You cant pay attention to the lesson and your learning became slower that day. 

Sleep is also important for the brain development of a child. A child who gets enough sleep has better problem-solving skills and the ability to learn and grasp new things. 

How to Build a Sleeping Routine?

Does your child give you a hard time when it comes to making a routine? Well, we have some useful tried and tested solutions for you. So, don’t give up before your child, and put them to sleep on time. 

Today, our kids have an immense amount of screen time. They want to play games and the toddlers like to listen to poems. However, when it’s time to sleep, take their tablets away. Hide their tablets two hours prior to putting them to sleep. Watching the screen before going to sleep, messes with their brains. 

Give them a warm cup of milk. This trick is the same as the adults. A warm cup of milk will help them with a good night’s sleep.  

You can read them to bed every night. Reading is a good habit and it can be developed at an early stage. So, read them a good lesson baring story before sleep. It will ensure that they contemplate the lesson learned. 

One of the most important tricks is to be strict about bedtime. Decide bedtime with their consultation and when it’s decided then it won’t be compromised. There will be no activities that will mess with their routine such as late-night movies or a long drive with daddy. Talk to your husband about it as well. 

Last but not the least, do not compromise on their nightwear. Ensure that their pyjamas are breathable and comfortable. This will enhance their sleep even more. So, buy good quality Kids nightwears for your little ones. 

These are some tried and tested tips for ensuring that your child gets enough sleep.  

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