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Fun Skills to Learn in your Me Time

by khawar latif 08 Apr 2021

Whatever profession you come from, it is always refreshing to learn a new skill. Most of us are so busy in our professional and personal lives that we forget about the outer world. If you step outside, you will see so many things to learn from. Above that, a skill learned never goes to waste! Spend some time learning new skills; they can be learned through online courses or just online tutorials. 

Above that, you never know where life takes you. You might think that your job and life are stable right now, but some extra cash through the portrayal of your skills can be a great help when you need it. 

Importance of learning new skills

You must be thinking that what is the need for this new addition in your life? You certainly can't waste time on fun skills; besides, learning new things is for children. You might be completely wrong!  

Usually, when we have some free time, we waste it on mindless things like scrolling down social media apps. This act not only results in wasting time but also we feel emotionally and mentally drained. If we spend practicing our other creative skills instead of wasting our time on social media, we will feel more refreshed and productive. According to the research, people who spend their time learning and performing a task are less likely to get depressed. So, whenever you have some free time, get your comfy pajamas on and start practicing!  

So, what are you waiting for? We are here to help you with a shortlist of fun skills that you can learn and excel in no time. 

Some Interesting Skills to Learn 

These are some tried and tested skills to learn in your me-time. Every person has their preference. You can choose any skill that matches your interest. Most of us were inspired to be something else when we were young but had to adopt a profession that gives financial stability. So, this is your chance to channel your inner creatives and choose your favorite skills right now!

Playing a musical instrument. 

 This is a popular skill that most of us wanted to learn at some point in our lives. The top ones are guitar, sataar, flute, and violin. All you have to do is buy the instrument and look out for a tutorial online. Step by step, you can learn to play in no time. However, if it is convenient for you, you can take a class to learn the instrument. It needs practice, and it gets better with time.

So, when you are a pro, you can go into a quiet room to play the instrument, light a candle, and dim the lights. It can leave you feeling refreshing and happy.


If you were keen on painting when you were a child, this is a skill that you can adapt easily. You can also include your husband or your children in your painting routine. We guarantee you a good family time as well. All you need to do is grab some paints and a canvas, and start painting! When you become an expert, you can try painting mud pots and jewelry boxes as well.

There are plenty of online videos on painting methods, or you can find yourself a mentor as well. So, forget all your exhaustions through painting; it is the best katharsis. 

Creative writing 

If you were one of those students whose head was always in a book, then this skill is the one for you. Most of us, when we were young, got stars on our English creative writing notebook. This was due to the strong imagination and powerful choice of words. But as we grew up, our professional choice went from a writer to a programmer. So, it is time to polish your skills again, and maybe you can produce something worth publishing! We recommend you polish your skills through extensive reading. However, if you need guidance, you can send your work to your friend for review. 

As time goes by, you will feel an urge to write it out as soon as you get some time. So, blow away the dust on your journal, and start writing!

Pottery making 

We are sure that you find pottery-making videos fun to watch. It is satisfying to see the stages of how the clay changes its form from a ball to a beautiful sleek vase. The good news is that it's not so hard to make! All you need to do is find a pottery wheel. You can find it anywhere online or buy it from a material store. 

The next thing to do is watch online tutorials. So, it's time to get your hands dirty in some creativity! 


Ever indulged in free-style dancing like there is no one in the room? It is time to get your dancing skills polished for yourself and to impress your friends! Be it zoomba, hip-hop, kathak, breakdance, belly dance, all you need is practice!

The ideal way to polish your dancing skills is to play a dance lesson video on your LCD screen and follow the steps. You can add your children to this fun activity as well! However, if you are naive to dancing, you can join a dance class once or twice a week.

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