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Buy Nightwear Online - Best Nightdress

by 12 am 03 Mar 2021

Are you tired of wearing those worn out old clothes as your nightwear? And you avoid going out and facing anyone while you’re wearing it? Your days of worrying are gone! Because we introduce you to the best online nightwear brand in Pakistan, at! is an online nightwear brand exclusively for the women of Pakistan. We ensure the satisfaction of every customer through the amazing variety of materials and designs suitable for everyone. In this article, we will cover your general queries about our brand and how we accommodate our buyers. Because you are our top priority! 

How to Choose Your Perfect Type of Nightwear?

How would you feel if we ask you to wear a single style every day? For instance, imagine you wear formal office wear from Monday to Sunday, on weekdays and weekends. You’d probably get bored, how would you attend a friend’s birthday party in a coat and pants? Similarly, you imagine the trouble if you wear your fancy dresses at work. It’s just impossible. Just like that wearing boring nightwear every night to bed is equally inconvenient. For such a reason, we bring you the different types of night wears at 

Pajama shirts 

Perfect after a long firdous day. Pull-on your favorite Pajamas after treating yourself to a warm bath. Our designs are a combination of cute, fab, chic, and desi! You name it, we have it! The material is breathable and pure, so you don’t have to worry about skin sensitivity. Your comfort and safety is our top priority. 

Long shirts 

With this category, your creativity matters equally. Either pair these long shirts with our pajamas or wear these like short nighties. It’s totally up to you. The fabric is pure cotton; it is friendly for all weather. Plus, they come with cute characters or taglines, whatever you prefer. 

Capri Suits 

If you prefer comfort, yet modest fashion, Capri suits are for you! Our loose fitted capris with shirts is your go-to style. If you’re tired of wearing the pajamas every night and want something different, then choose your style from our Capri suits category. The material is breathable and fine. Moreover, the design includes line patterns, cute taglines, and chic art. 

Short suits 

On some days, you want to treat yourself to our adorable yet alluring short suits. You can choose your best-fitted shorts and pair them with shirts. We are wise with the art on our short suits, making it perfect for cuddling with your partner. However, the single ladies can pull these off with their girl gang for slumber parties. 

Premium Silk Collection 

Last, but not least, our perfect premium silk collection. We handpick our material and we don’t compromise on anything. After this, our experienced tailors sew the perfect royal silk night wears for you. Got a date night with hubby? Want to throw a bridal shower? Or do you like to treat yourself? This collection is right for you. 

These are our different collections that are all you need for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, here at, we use digital printing to print our designs, instead of relying on the tacky painting method. So, all you need to do is visit our website and within a few clicks, we’ll be preparing your order!

Nightwear FAQs

Now, you might have some questions regarding our nightwear's. We have answered some frequently asked questions from our customers. However, this section does not mean that we won’t assist you further. Our customer care is active throughout the day. We are just a  message away!

So, here are some of the FAQs. 

  • What are the best nightwear options for different seasons of Pakistan?

Here at 12am, we have breathable pure cotton night wears for Summers. You can choose from short suits, Pajama suits, Capri suits, etc. For Winters, we have long sleeve nightwear with an increased GSM, perfect for chilly nights.

  • Which is the best fabric material for nightwear?

Nightwear has to be the comfiest clothing in your wardrobe. According to the weather in Pakistan, Cotton is most durable. 

  • What should be the frequency of washing the nightwear's? 

    We say it totally depends on you. If you wear it once and then go for another the next night, then you can wash it after using it twice. But if you’re someone who spends the day in Pajamas then probably wash after every use.

    • Does provide free shipping? 

      If your shopping exceeds 2000 rupees then there is free delivery for you!

      • How often does the new collection launches. 

        before every new season. Other than that, we frequently update our designs. We sell a variety of designs from Decent, cute and chick, to savage taglines.

        • What if the order I get is not what I ordered? 

          You don’t need to worry at all. Just contact us and we will compensate for your loss immediately. We take customer satisfaction very seriously.

          • If I wash the nightwear's frequently, will the design fade away? 

            This is true for a lot of other nightwear brands, but not As we use digital printing for our designs instead of paint. So your shirt logo is here to stay, fresh and bright every time!

            • Is your nightwear cruelty-free? 

              Absolutely, we are against the abuse of life. We do not support child labour. Our labor gets fully paid according to their services.

              • Is gifting someone nightwear a good idea? 
                We say sure! Everyone needs comfy cute nightwear to have soundless sleep. Either you’re gifting a friend or your wife, you’ll surely get pure gratitude in return. 

                  Here are the FAQs, if you want to know further about nightwear's or our brand, feel free to contact us! In the end, a very Good Night to all our current and potential customers ;)   

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