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How to Kill Anxiety

by khawar latif 26 Jun 2021

If you are a woman you probably know anxiety a little too much. According to the research, women suffer more anxiety issues than men. What could be the reason behind this? We will know the reason in a while, first of all, what really is anxiety? And how does a common man understand it?

Anxiety is a feeling when you feel uncomfortable, fearful, or worrisome. Anxiety attacks occur in severe cases, a person gets cold sweats, racing heartbeat, and even blurry vision. Anxiety can occur in as big cases as going for a risky surgery and as small as taking a bus in the morning. 

However, if you are a woman who is suffering from anxiety, we are here to help you. In this article, we will discuss the reason for anxiety in women, how harmful it is, and tips and tricks to kill anxiety. 

Why Do Women Face Anxiety?

The fact is that women have twice as many anxiety issues as men. The factors that can support this statement can be made through science and other cultural reasons as well. 

If we talk about science, women face more anxiety issues than men due to brain chemistry and hormone fluctuation. A woman goes through immense reproductive events in her life which also can be linked to anxiety. 

Secondly, women, in general, are more sensitive than men. They have the tendency to get affected by a situation a lot more than a man. They can absorb the negative energy around them which can cause anxiety as well.

In our society, women are expected to behave a certain way. All their lives they are under strict observation of their family. No wrong move should be made. They should be perfect in every sense. These things induce anxiety in women. Wanting to please everyone around them. Either it is the parents, her children, her husband, and even her boss. 

Other than that today, there are crazy beauty expectations from women. They all should look a certain way. If you talk Asian, they should have pale skin, a lean body, good height; all these factors are not under their control. However, when society builds pressure then more and more anxiety is induced in them. 

How can it affect you?

A woman living with anxiety can never live a healthy life. It affects your everyday routine. Moreover, anxiety can affect your relationship with others.

During an anxiety attack a person's heart rate increases, and blood starts flowing to the brain. It causes light-headedness and nausea. 

A woman who is facing anxiety is more vulnerable to other psychological disorders such as OCD, Social Anxiety, PTSD etc. Other than that, facing anxiety for a long time can badly affect one’s immune system; they can catch illness more easily than a normal person. Anxiety also causes eating disorders which can lead to weight gain. 

Tips and Tricks To Kill Anxiety 

By now, you must also be looking for a solution. What can I do to avoid anxiety? Well, let us tell you, when there is a will there's the way. So, you have to keep trying to fight this disorder. Here are some tips to help you through:  

 Avoid situations that induce anxiety 

This tip is as simple as it sounds. If you are a student and you get exam anxiety. Prepare everything beforehand instead of pulling all-nighters as it induces anxiety. If you feel negative energy at a place or a group of people, simply avoid them. Your inner peace is more important. If you feel anxious about reaching a place on time, keep a margin when you leave your house.  


Meditation is of key importance. You can meditate through yoga or practising your religious beliefs. Just empty your mind and have a mindfulness exercise. It has proven to improve all psychological disorders. 

Exercise in nature 

There are two factors here, exercise and that too in nature. Exercise automatically improves your mood. It is good for your physical as well as mental health. Stay close to nature and do breathing exercise; it can help you while you are having an anxiety attack as well.

Drink lots of water 

This is our tried and tested method. As soon as you feel that anxiety is about to kick in, drink water. Water helps to wash all the negative feelings away. So, keep a bottle with you during your exam as well.  

Have a goodnight’s sleep   

A full-term 6-8 hours of sleep should be your top priority. Those chores can wait till morning but you can never replace a goodnight’s sleep. So choose your most comfortable nightwear, drink warm milk and get in bed. Comfortable and breathable pyjamas and a warm drink can help you with a sound sleep. 

These are some of the tips and tricks that all women can follow to kick away anxiety.  Remember to always put yourself first and then anybody else.
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