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How to Excel in a Male Dominant Environment

by khawar latif 08 Apr 2021

If you are a woman who is starting her career in a dominant male environment, then this article is for you! If you are a woman who is suffering in a dominant male environment, then this article is exactly for you.

It is an unfortunate reality of society that women are not taken seriously. Most households discourage their daughters from studying. Even if they are allowed to study, they are forced to choose subjects like arts, homemaking and literature. However, if they are interested in these subjects, there is no harm, but forcing them into it should be done!

If you are a woman who passed through all the hurdles to choose a career of your choice; And now you feel humiliated with your work environment because you are the only woman there, then all you need is a little guidance. 

Should You Opt for a Male Dominant Career?

The answer is that you should opt for a male-dominant career if you are interested in that field. Nothing else should matter when you are choosing your career. For instance, if you are interested in civil engineering and your course mates only include boys, don't shy away! Work hard and push your abilities. Become the best version of yourself. It is true that you might have to work harder than your male class fellows but don't dwell in self-pity. Choose a career, grab it, and follow it with full passion!

Tips to excel in a dominant male society 

If you have started your job and feel bullied despite having a high post, you need to change some things. The best option is to take the matter into your own hands and turn the tables. Remember that you are strong and you are enough. Your talent is unbeatable. And you are here to do great things!

Say your mind 

This doesn't mean that you speak whatever your mind says. It means that do not shy away from asking questions. If you have opinions on something, then be vocal about it. There is a chance that your male colleagues share a stronger bond with the boss, so they will be more focused towards them but raise your hand and try to include yourself in the conversation. Be the smartest person in the room who asks questions during the meeting. It shows that you are interested and attentive. 

Learn to say no 

You might come across situations where your boss or any other senior colleague asks for a favour that is not part of your job. Politely refuse them. Doing so will ensure that they know your value. They will be more carefully next time before signing you to an unreasonable task like bringing the prints or coffees to the table. 

Take it easy 

We recommend you not get offended easily. Men have a different way of bonding than women. They might crack jokes that you find offensive, but why mess with your peace by getting offended. If you rush to HR over every petty situation, your colleagues might start avoiding you, and you won't want that!

Don't be a loner 

If your colleagues ask you to join them for tea or lunch, don't refuse! These are the only people you have. They will eventually stop asking you, and you will be left alone in the workplace. There is no harm in bonding with colleagues, and it will lighten up your mood as well. 

Harassment is non-negotiable 

As you are surrounded by men all the time, there is a possibility that there is a creep hiding somewhere among them. Harassment can be of any form. He can tease you over the texts or have the audacity to be public about it. Call them off right there and then and talk to HR. Don't shy away!

Get acquainted with the seniors. 

A one must do to build a healthy and friendly relationship with your boss or some senior leaders. By doing so, you can get an edge of getting heard more than the others. You need a person to be there by your side, and that person should be strong enough to support you. 

Be well rested 

One of the common reasons women fall behind men in workplaces is that women have so many chores to do even after they go home. They have to cook, clean and look after their children. Don't let it become your weakness. Set your priorities straight and take good sleep. Don't just fall asleep on the couch; change into your most comfy nightwear, have some warm milk and get a good night's sleep! 

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